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Origami Treasure Chests made by students in honor of Christine Petrell Kallevig

"...This year the students of Eleanor Rush Intermediate School celebrated Read Across America with a unique visitor who folded their imaginations into wonderful, new shapes. During two assemblies on March 6 students listened and watched as professional story teller, author and origami artist Christine Petrell Kallevig stood on stage and told stories while folding and presenting her own origami creations..." Read the full article. Zane Clark, The South Jersey Sun News, March 14, 2014

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Origami Ducks made by Kindergarten students in honor of Christine Petrell Kallevig

"...The students also participated in the origami art by following along with Kallevig as she told two stories while folding an oversized version of the papers given to the students. The students ended up with a heart and a small cup made from construction paper. 'Go forth and find your stories,' Kallevig told the exiting students. 'Write them, tell them and remember them in your heart.' Students filed past a long table that displayed..." See photos and the full article here. Paula Grubbs, The Cranberry Eagle, Cranberry, PA, April 21, 2014

"...Everyone enjoyed your presentations. As I wrap up library classes for the year, the students and I are making the magic pinwheel ring from your latest book. It's a real hit!!! So far I have cut 3,000 squares of paper. What was I thinking!" Pennsylvania librarian, May 2015

"...Our students were absolutely thrilled with our visiting author and origami artist Christine Petrell Kallevig's assembly on Thursday, October 24th. Grades K-4 arrived in the All Purpose Room and could not hold back the 'WOWs' and 'OH MY GOSHs' as they saw her amazing creations on display on stage..." Read the full article. Susan Eley, Librarian, Mt. Laurel, NJ

"...Thank you for visiting our school. I learned a lot about how to make origami from you. The other times I've tried to do origami, it didn't turn out really well and I didn't remember how to make it. But now I'm a lot better and I remembered how to make it because of the stories. Now I can show my little sister so she can know how to do it, too." Samantha V., 6th grader at Pine Grove Middle School, East Syracuse, NY

"...Christine Petrell Kallevig captured their young ears immediately. 'Well, I'm here to tell you that I love words.' More than 300 students, their legs folded, had crammed into the small gym of Leroy Elementary School to watch her, curious about the table of origami to her back. 'I love especially strong words,' she continued..." Read the full article here. Sandra M. Klepach, The News-Herald, Willoughby, Ohio, February 2, 2010

"...If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can a three-dimensional form convey? For Kallevig, getting words on paper is only half the fun. Whenever her hand is moving across a page, her fingers wander naturally to a separate page where they crease and fold until the plot unfolds. Kallevig has transformed the art of origami into an innovative, instructional tool for parents and teachers." Laura Skwarski, Brecksville Magazine, Brecksville, Ohio, May, 2008

"...When Christine Petrell Kallevig tells a story, she presents a visual image both literally and figuratively to capture her audience. She calls her methodology Storigami which melds storytelling and origami. Wearing a necklace infused with origami cranes, this visual storyteller keeps her audiences spellbound — and folding." Diane Van Dyke, The Boyertown Area Times, Boyertown, PA, May 18, 2006

"...We found Storywatchers Club — Keys To Imagination to be like being a part of the storyteller's audience. Each storyteller on this video has their own unique way of sharing their story, yet each one is a lot of fun to watch. The kids loved the origami storyteller the best. As she shares her story, she is creating a story prop with origami, folding and folding, until the mystery is solved." The Family Review Magazine, Summer 2006

"...Christine Petrell Kallevig lights up a room. There she was, telling stories in front of more than 100 fifth grade children, all the while folding pieces of paper which, almost magically, became the characters in the stories. All eyes focused on her. The children were mesmerized." Maryann Horn, East County Times, Baltimore, MD, February 10, 2005

"...the folding directions, the meat of the book, are well done. Participating in this activity promotes hand-eye coordination in youngsters, which is a key developmental skill for good readers." School Library Journal, January 2002

"...original paperfold stories surrounded by apparatus designed to make the experience painless... Kallevig's evident enthusiasm for this captivating technique will inspire even the most hesitant beginner." School Library Journal, June 1991

"The Sun, The Moon, and The Origami Grammie is a delightful picturebook. Bright, colorful illustrations of Grammie's house full of papercrafts, as well as step-by-step instructions for folding one's very own transforming Sun-Moon round out this charming story, ideal for encouraging little ones to experiment with origami for fun." Children's Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review, January, 2014

"Please Pass Grandma's Leg is a hilarious middle-grade novel, full of wacky characters. In addition, it contains useful information about diabetes. Ms. Kallevig tells a truly funny tale. We give Please Pass Grandma's Leg five hearts." Heartland Reviews, April 2004

"My colleagues complimented me on my selection of guest artists... Christine's ability to enchant K-8 in one assembly was fantastic. The young ones enjoyed the language and the older ones had some questions to gnaw on. Wonderful!" Mary B., Teacher at St. Patrick's School, Bryan, Ohio

"Seldom do we find a book of authentic historical fiction written for our youngest readers, but this one is a true historical novel... This compelling story is well researched and well written, bringing to life the joys and tragedies of people who lived in Ohio nearly 200 years ago... There may be tears as the story unfolds, but there will be plenty of smiles as well." Ohioana Quarterly, Page 288, Winter 1996

"Being a children's librarian in the Vancouver Public Library System, I have had the opportunity of using both the 'Folding Stories' and the 'Holiday Folding Stories' with the children who come into my library and they certainly love them. The two books have been so popular that my cohorts and I have ordered them for the other branches in our system."
Yukiko T., Vancouver Public Library

"Real storytellers, the good ones, keep us, and more importantly, our children, connected to the same campfires our ancestors sat around a hundred generations ago. Christine Petrell Kallevig is one of those storytellers." Cleveland Magazine, Page 160, January 1999

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