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Storyteller Christine Kallevig tells origami stories

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Fiction for Ages 9-12

  • Please Pass Grandma's Leg: AKA The Case of the Sacked Potatoes (2003)
  • Carry Me Home Cuyahoga: A Children's Historical Novel (1996)
  • Picture Storybook
  • The Sun, The Moon, and the Origami Grammie (2014)
  • Storigami Collections
  • Nature Fold-Along Stories: Quick and Easy Origami Tales About Plants and Animals (2009)
  • Fold-Along Stories: Quick and Easy Origami Tales for Beginners (2001)
  • Bible Folding Stories: Old Testament Stories and Paperfolding Together As One (1993)
  • Holiday Folding Stories: Storytelling and Origami Together for Holiday Fun (1992)
  • Folding Stories: Storytelling and Origami Together As One (1991)
  • DVD's
  • Discover Storigami! (2008)
  • Storywatchers Club: Keys to Imagination (2005)
  • Storywatchers Club: Christmas (2005)
  • Non-Fiction
  • Our Sculptures Ourselves: A New Look At Public Art in Northeast Ohio (2007)
  • All About Pockets: Storytime Activities for Early Childhood (1993)
  • Chinese Origami Modular Swan


    Christine Petrell Kallevig

    577 Hidden Harbor Dr.
    Fairport Harbor, OH 44077
Phone: 440-838-4881

    Fax: 270-573-4913


    Alternative E-mail:

    Origami Crane with a 6 piece Sonobe Cube


  • Visually? Seeing is believing when giant origami models magically appear, one step at a time.
  • Hearing? Sound waves become brain waves when stories, music, and rhythmic language flow through receptive ears.
  • Hands-on? Folding paper satisfies fidgety fingers. When story events are paired with paper folding steps, memory is painlessly enhanced and students are transformed into instant three-dimensional illustrators.
  • Humor? Laughing opens learning channels, allowing new ideas to germinate and joyfully spring to life.
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 175,000 students, teachers, and families have experienced the intellectual and educational benefits of Christine Kallevig's creative presentations since her first book was published in 1991. From Chalkyitsik, Alaska in the Arctic Circle to Mission, Texas on the Rio Grande, she has presented teacher workshops, family programs, student origami lessons, and large student assemblies in public and private schools, libraries, and at literary festivals and conferences.

    As a former teacher and long-term PTA member, she understands how children learn and how schools operate. Every minute of her school programs targets Common Core Standards and proficiencies in math and/or language arts. Showing up on time, following a prescribed schedule, and using age-appropriate material that addresses the educational and developmental needs and interests of all the students are also essential elements of a successful visit. Christine's wide repertoire and willingness to be flexible makes her a popular speaker. She believes that it's better to adapt her presentation to the students rather than expecting hundreds of them to adapt to her.

    GRADES or AGES: Pre-K through 8th grade, families, and school or library professionals.

    LENGTH: Assemblies, Origami Intensives, and Family Presentations are usually 45 minutes. Workshops can last up to 90 minutes. Program lengths can be modified, depending on age levels and scheduling needs.

    AUDIENCE SIZE is defined by the performance space and the type of desired experience. Christine performs in large venues (gyms or auditoriums) and smaller rooms (libraries or all-purpose rooms.) Suggested group sizes are approximately 200 per assembly, 50 per origami intensives, 100 per professional workshops, and unlimited for family evening programs.

    PRESENTATION SET-UP/EQUIPMENT: Christine loves to donate origami sculptures to the schools she visits, so please provide her with information about your school colors and/or mascots. She also displays dozens of origami models and explains how they are made during presentations. She needs two large tables (at least six feet long) for these origami models and another large table to display the books and DVD's that are available for optional autographing. Adequate lighting and a clip-on or freestanding microphone are also required. A microphone on a stand is preferred. Students do not need tables for assembly programs, but desks or tables are necessary for Origami Intensives. Find further set-up details HERE.

    FEES: A single 45-minute presentation of any kind is $500, but multiple presentations are discounted to $200 each. For example, the price for two sessions in one day is $700, three sessions in one day is $900, four sessions costs $1,100, etc. To help defray costs, the total daily fees may be split between different schools. Two morning sessions at one school and two afternoon sessions at another would cost each school only $550. Included are all supplies for group paper folding, prizes for student volunteers, and donations of unique origami sculptures for school libraries or display cases.

    Transportation from Cleveland, Ohio is the only additional cost. Christine takes advantage of early booking discounts whenever possible and for closer locations, charges a very modest flat-rate driving fee, rather than the expensive per mile rates charged by other authors.

    AUTOGRAPHING: There's no extra charge for book signing sessions. Pre-ordering is not required. Christine prefers to estimate how many books will be sold and then brings a few extra copies to her performances. To further simplify paperwork, book ordering forms are sent along with the initial contract as soon as times and dates are finalized. Book preview bundles may be purchased online at Storytime Ink International.

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    Typical Storigami Set Up and Display


    Author visits include all supplies for group paper folding, prizes for student volunteers, and donations of unique origami sculptures for school libraries or display cases. All programs target Common Care Standards for language arts and/or math.

    ASSEMBLIES: A novelist and performing artist since 1991, Christine folds giant-sized paper as she tells stories. Each fold represents an action, setting, or character, so by the time the story is over, a surprise origami figure is magically created. Students become illustrators as they fold along during the seamless blending of literature and origami. Interactive programs for grades K-8 feature:

    ORIGAMI INTENSIVES: These breakout sessions for grades 4 through 8 are limited to 50 students and emphasize more hands-on participation than regular assembly programs. Students learn to fold several origami models by pairing folding steps with story events. The process of developing new storigami stories is also demonstrated. Its loads of fun, builds basic paper folding skills, and there's no extra charge for paper supplies.

    FAMILY EVENING PRESENTATIONS: Several short origami stories are presented for families to enjoy together. Christine uses music, humor, and large origami puppetry to dramatize traditional folk tales. None of the material in evening sessions is used earlier, so students extend their learning with all new experiences. Christine always finishes the evening with an easy fold-along tale so that everyone has an origami souvenir to take home.

    Origami Grammie Character ORIGAMI GRAMMIE TALES: Christine plays the role of Grammie, the wacky main character of her illustrated picture story book, The Sun, The Moon, and the Origami Grammie. Short origami tales for preschool and early childhood children are told with lots of music, puppets, and action.

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    Discover Storigami is designed for professionals who work with children or special needs adults. It introduces the educational benefits of combining origami and storytelling. Participants practice paper folding techniques and discover the secrets of how to present origami stories smoothly with confidence and humor.

    All About Pockets is designed for early childhood educators and daycare providers interested in applying the teaching concepts included in the field of multiple intelligence. It provides practical tips and resources for how to use pockets and aprons to meet educational goals while satisfying young children's various sensory modalities and learning styles.


    "Storigami is a kid magnet. It pulls students into a world where language and art co-exist as equal partners, a world where paper folding captures attention and words provide comprehension. The stories stimulate imagination and offer entertaining examples of creative problem solving, but more importantly, they serve as a platform to examine the literary elements that make them successful. Fold-along activities allow students to experience illustration as a dynamic, active art form.

    All components of my program are relevant to required curricular standards. Everything I bring to your school is designed to provoke questions, stimulate new ideas, or provide information. As a parent and former teacher, I have organized and raised funds for many school programs, so I thoroughly understand and appreciate the wise use of precious discretionary funds. Consequently, I work very hard to provide the best bang for the buck. I provide age-appropriate information about how to write fiction and non-fiction, demonstrate how simple math concepts come to life through origami, and most of all, I strive to spread joy by opening minds to the wonders of creative possibilities."

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